Side Stories

My page! Mine-mine-mine! Well no. She coded it of course, but my stuff's going here ! I don't draw, sadly, but I do write and I've a series of short Pen Stealer related Side Stories that will be up soon. I can't put them up yet because they center around the Villains and would spoil ahead a bit too far, but we'll keep you posted.

There are also a few lemons too. We're not sure yet what we're going to do with those. Probably a warning page.

Finally, there's my big project. As well as writing the scripts for the Pen Stealer, my job is also to write The Witness. This is a novel-in-progress that is, in a sense, a prequel to the Pen Stealer. Many events are covered, such as the founding of the Consortium and the creation of the pens and many secrets are revealed. You'll get to learn more about Ryota's family, particularly his father and older brother. Because of its nature, the novel won't be online until well into the run of the Pen Stealer, but when it is, I really hope you all enjoy it. :-)

Cette page sera consacrée aux oeuvres de Kalinara.
Il s'agit d'histoires courtes connexes au Pen Stealer traitant plus particulièrement des "méchants" de l'histoire. Il y a une collection de nouvelles et un roman "The Witness". Comme ces textes révèleraient trop de secrets, ils ne sont pas encore en ligne. Mais ils le seront quand la BD sera plus avancée.

De plus, comme il s'agit des oeuvres de Kal, je ne les traduirais pas. C'est extrêmement dommage pour ceux qui ne peuvent pas lire l'anglais car ce sont vraiment des petits bijoux, mais n'étant pas assez bonne traductrice, je ne me risquerais pas à les détruire...


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