Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hi from me too. Resident script-writer/dialoguist (I declare this to be a word, darnit) of the Pen Stealer.

If you're just stumbling in, you're probably wondering, so what the hell are these people talking about?!

Basically we're talking about the Pen Stealer, an online manga-style comic about a boy who steals magic pens. I write, she draws, you read.

A warning, we take "manga-style" very seriously. So it's written right to left like a translated Japanese manga. Mostly because we find it amusing.

And if you already know what we're talking about, cool. :-)

Now for a progress report. I am currently working on:

1) the script for chapter 5. It needed revamping because apparently I was brain dead when writing it before. Beware the Eraser! Mwahaha.
2) page 63 of the Witness, which is a villain-centered side-story that spoils most of the first arc of the comic. I'm hoping to time the writing/revisions, so it can be made public when Chu finishes the art for the 13th Chapter, which is our projected end of the story arc.
3) the "omake" for chapter 2...the return of the Masked Reporter!!
4) the preview banner for chapter 3. The real work will be Chu's though as she has to draw it. :-)

Anyway, that's pretty much it. You are now up to date. I won't be writing this in French, as my French is much much worse than Chu's English. As in, it doesn't exist.

Anyway, please enjoy the comic!

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Aeris said...

Hi Kal, and don't worry, it's difficult for everybody to write another language as well as our birth language (I don't know if it's the right word, sorry). That's cool, we will have a following written and (maybe ma Juju ;) drawn soon !!
Happy to read this ;)